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How A Stay-At-Home Mom Of 3 Got A Plum Gig With Disney Through Pinterest


Stacy Teet is living proof there are 1001 ways to make a full time living online. She doesn’t have a product, nor does she have a list. But she DOES have unbelievable clout. This mom of three is a brand ambassador to national brands like Disney, Sea World and toy brand Melissa and Doug. Celebrities like Jessica Alba seek Teet out to get her seal of approval.

How did she become so influential?

The short answer: Pinterest.

According to an article on, Teet was an early adopter of the social network when it first launched in 2010. Being a highly visual person, Teet saw it’s potential and ‘by being strategic with her content, she was able to get noticed”. Her content included tons of things we moms are crazy about,; “recipes, projects for kids, clothing, etc…She soon had over 65,000 followers. Then she had 125,000 and now boasts over 250,000 Pinterest followers”.

Teet was a blogger first before becoming a social connector. What I find so interesting was that she soon recognized her strength was not as a blogger  but a social media maven. And she was able to turn that skill into consulting.

Here’s how she made that transition:

1. “Be an Early Adopter”

“Teet had always loved checking out new platforms and tools. She is constantly keeping an eye out for the latest thing”.

2. “Manage the Fire Hose”

“A self-described ‘information hoarder’ her goal is “…never to try to consume everything that people are created..but to try to stay on top of it as much as I can..”, using Pinterest and Flipboard.

3. “Go Mobile”

“As a parent of three young children, Teet does not have regular hours… she usesmobile technology…to keep tuned in. “Everything I do is mobile. I do more thingson my iPhone and on my iPad than I do on my computer”, said Teet. The only tasks she does at her desktop are posting articles to her blog and photo editing”.

Learn more about Stacy Teet’s journey and her tools as a maven:

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10 Impressive Stats About Digital Moms

1.) Nearly 70% of Moms believe technology helps them to be better moms.

2.) Moms are 38% more likely to own an Internet TV device, such as Apple TV or Roku, than the general population. They are 28% more likely to use a tablet. They are 38% more likley to own a smartphone.

3.) Moms spend 6.1 hours per day on average on their smartphones.(TechCrunch)

4.) Moms are 58% more likely to shop via mobile device.

5.) In a survey of 1,500 tablet-owning moms, 97% made a purchase     in the last month.
(Edison Research)

6.) 77% of moms follow 1 or more brands on social media. 23% follow 10 or more brands.

7) Moms are 61% more likely to visit Pinterest than the average American.

8.) Almost 25% of a mom’s phone apps are for her kids. (MakeUseOf)

9.) 31% of moms spend more than 10 hours a week on their tablet, but less than 2 hours on their PC.

10.) 50% of moms access social media from their phones.

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